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Free Download IDRISI Taiga 16.03 Software

IDRISI Taiga 16.03 Free Download

IDRISI Taiga 16.03 | 544 Mb:
The IDRISI Taiga GIS and Image Processing software for the desktop provides a host of utilities and procedures to optimize, analyze and visualize your raster data and imagery. Extensive conversion tools allow for easy import and export with many of the most popular software and government formats.

About Clark Labs:
Clark Labs is dedicated to the research and development of geospatial technologies for effective and responsible decision making for environmental management, sustainable resource development and equitable resource allocation.

Clark Labs is best known for its flagship product, the IDRISI GIS and Image Processing software. Since 1987, IDRISI has been used by professionals in a wide range of industries in more than 180 countries worldwide. Environmental managers and researchers benefit from the unsurpassed range of geospatial tools—nearly 300 modules for the analysis and display of digital spatial information.

IDRISI Taiga GIS and Image Processing Software:
IDRISI Taiga is an integrated GIS and Image Processing software solution providing nearly 300 modules for the analysis and display of digital spatial information. IDRISI offers the most extensive set of GIS and Image Processing tools in the industry in a single, affordable package. With IDRISI, all analytical features come standard—there is no need to buy costly add-ons to extend your research capabilities.

IDRISI Taiga provides:
- A complete GIS analysis package for basic and advanced spatial analysis, including tools for surface and statistical analysis, decision support, and change and time series analysis
- A complete Image Processing system with the most extensive hard and soft classifers in the industry, including machine learning classifiers such as neural networks and classification tree analysis, as well as image segmentation for classification
- Integrated modeling environments including the Earth Trends Modeler for image time series of environmental trends and Land Change Modeler for land change analysis and prediction, a critical component for REDD projects
- Complete utilities for import and export along with a comprehensive set of documentation and tutorials.


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