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Free Download 3D Railroad Concept and Design v2.0.3 Software

3D Railroad Concept & Design v2.0.3

3D Railroad Concept and Design v2.0.3:

3D Railroad Concept And Design™ version 2.0 for Windows includes all the tools and functionality found in previous versions with some fantastic upgrades. Now, in addition to the accurate drawing tools, list compilers, custom benchwork, extensive catalog listings and libraries of manufacturer products, and stunning 3D graphics, we have added ideas and functionality as requested by model railroad enthusiasts. We've done our best to make 3D Railroad Concept & Design™ the most comprehensive model railroad design tool on the market, while still keeping it easy to use.

With you, the model railroader, in mind, we added the magic "Track Wizard", and is he ever smart. With this new tool you can select the type of track piece you require such as helix, spiral easement, turnout, etc. Next, you enter a combination of dimensions such as length, angle, radius, entry length, offset, etc. With this information, the powerful "Track Wizard" will create the more complex track pieces automatically. You can save them into a personal library and use them as often as you like.

Model railroad enthusiasts also requested the ability to create custom 3D terrain and we provided it. We have developed a tool to accommodate complex geometric algorithms. With this powerful "Terrain Tool," you can draw custom terrain to almost any shape needed. In the Terrain Editor, you can raise or lower the altitudes on individual or surrounding grid points. Then you can apply a large number of available textures to further customize the terrain. Activate the Conform Terrain function to create tunnels, valleys or graded track and cause the terrain to conform to all objects placed. Creating 3D-terrain has never been easier.

Additional new features include tools that allow exact track cutting, improved layering, easily spreading a grade across multiple track pieces, and selecting continuous track pieces without affecting the rest of your layout. With all these new features, editing a layout is no longer a chore. With version 2.0, changes are a snap.

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT/Vista
Pentium 166 or higher, 32MB RAM
30 to 70MB hard drive space
256 color monitor or better (16 bit or higher recommended).


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