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Free Download Ace Utilities Software v5.2.4 Build 474 Final

Ace Utilities v5.2.4 Free Download

Ace Utilities v5.2.4 Build 474 Final
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win 7 (All 32/64 Bit)
Ace Utilities is an award winning collection of tools to optimize your PC's performance.

It allows you to find and remove the junk files in your PC, invalid registry entries, delete your internet usage history, provides plug-in support to erase the usage history for over 200 third-party applications, manage your cookies and much more.

With a detailed startup- manager you can see what all programs, services, drivers, etc start automatically with Windows and optionally disable them.

Ace Utilities also includes options to find true duplicate files, fix or remove broken shortcuts and to uninstall software completely.

Includes secure file deletion, disk space analysis, an empty-folder finder and more.

• Advanced registry cleaner to clean windows registry.
• Clean unneeded junk, temp and obsolete files from your disks using disk cleaner.
• Clean browser and application history, cache, temp files, cookies etc.
• Control the applications that start automatically with Windows, using startup organizer.
• Fix broken start menu and desktop shortcuts.
• Remove true duplicate files.
• Uninstall applications correctly.
• Two modes - expert and normal.
• User friendly, stable and safe.
• Much more utilities...

• Optimize, speed up and cleanup your system.
• Prevent application crashes.
• Load windows faster.
• Run applications smoothly.
• Protect your privacy and security.
• Regain disk space.
• Block spyware, trojans, adware,etc.
• Fix certain application errors.
• No need to spend too much time, do it ultra fast.
• Understand your computer better.
• Maintain your system like new.
• Runs much more quickly than others in its class, very safe

New in version 5.2.4:
* Registry Backup (RegBak, with 64-bit support) tool now included in setup and integrated into the interface.
* Added color themes.
* Improved 64-bit support for Disk Analysis (DA).
* Added more file types for grouping in DA.
* Added 'Last Modified' and 'Attribute' columns in DA.
* Added option to scan a specific folder (local/remote) in DA.
* To prevent application hang, Cookie Manager won't list or delete cookies when Firefox/Chrome browser is running.
* Added option to clean Microsoft Outlook's secure temp folder.
* Added 'usage history tracking' for the program.
* Added progress indicators for zipping/unzipping files to backup locations (Remove Junk Files, Find Duplicate Files).
* Performance improvement in scanning time (esp. 'Remove Junk Files').
* Minor GUI modifications.
* Updated built-in 'Ignore Lists'.
* Added option to compact Firefox's sqlite databases which will improve Firefox start-up.
* Added option to scan invalid Shared Folders entries in 'Clean System Registry'.
* Modified scanning of 'Invalid File Association' section of 'Clean System Registry'.
* Modified the way results are shown by 'Auto-Start Manager > Verify'. Results are now shown in the list itself.
* Updated startup.dat.
* Backup files are now named in chronological date order.
* Rephrased some dialog texts.
* Improved scheduled maintenance (added option to run at user login). Moved Scheduled maintenance to 'Options'.
* Program now uses system colors wherever possible.
* Revamped toolbar and icons for various tools.
* Added keyboard shortcuts for various actions.
* Added tooltips for various buttons.
* Changed Ace Utilities application icon.
* Updated nearly 30 plug-ins.
* Removed old background style from Options > View.
* Added an option to use system title bar and window border.
* Only one System restore point will be created each day ('Clean System Registry').
* Changed the progress bar style for various scanning actions.
* Modified default column background color of list views. Now only the sorted column will have gray background. The other columns will use system colors.
* Modified Options > View dialog. Removed custom second column color. Can now set sorted column background color.
* Revamped 'Erase Your History' tool GUI.
* Since 'verify digital signature' option make 'Auto Start Manager' appear to be hung, a separate progress window is added.
* Added progress dialogs while loading plug-in, Misc pages
* Added a separate option in 'Erase Your History' to clear all Jump Lists including pinned items for maximum privacy.
* Prevents 'non-expert' users from disabling Microsoft Windows specific entries in 'Auto-start Manager'. Issues a warning if user is an expert.
* Uninstall Manager now saves column widths and sort order.
* Modified the invalid (question mark) icon for Auto-start Manager and Uninstall Manager (Vista and later only).
* Improvement in speed for 'Wipe Free Disk Space' tool. Total time required is now reduced to about half of what it was before.
* 'Erase Your History' > 'Firefox' will now detect multiple profile locations and custom cache paths.
* Added 'Erase History' > 'Plug-ins' > Context menu > 'Auto-detect' option to check mark plug-ins that will work on a user's system.
* Added option to clean .lnk (shortcut) files via Windows explorer 'Secure Erase' context menu.


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