Jumat, 16 September 2011

Free Download Automatic Cable Manager (ACM) v12

Automatic Cable Manager (ACM) Free Download

Automatic Cable Manager (ACM) v12 | 71 Mb:
ACM Satellite
full HD Quality Pictures
Full Alpha transparrancy support in scroll, logo,Breaking news etc.
Supports any graphics card and any output resolution
Very Smooth inbuilt scroll whith JPG, SWF, PNG, GIF, etc support
Separate news slot with Separate Logo, Breaking news and scroll group

1. No GenLock Required. Super High Quality Fullscreen Video. No black Borders. Automatically Stretches the Video Window to fit into the Screen keeping the quality same.
2. The Exclusive Completely in-built Dual Monitor System. You can do any kind of job in the Computer while the Channel is Running on the TV (Secondary Display). Thus you can Save money from purchasing a Separate Computer for Making Ads etc.
3. 100% Online Updatable. Do all Setup on the screen while the Channel is Running and click Apply. All Programs will activate in real-time without restarting the software/channel. Thus you can setup and run movie or any program at any time any moment.
4. Completely Automatic. Just do Setup for Several days and Start the Channel, your Channel will be running according to the Setup automatically without any interaction.
5. Setup your Program for weeks, months, even years and Start the Channel. Does not need anybody there to operate the computer. The Channel will be running Automatically until you Shut Down the Computer. Thus you can save Extra Labor.
6. Make your Channel a 24 Hours Channel. The ACM has all the Features what a 24 Hrs Channel Required. Thus you can make your Channel a very Effective 24x7 Hrs Channel.

7. Easy Dual-Layer Double Live Message setup for Channel News and Flash News. It Supports Date/Time and Flash News Caption Customization.
8. Various Style Gallery for Song Title, Date-Time, Frame Title, Coming-Up-Next, Waiting List, Movie Trailer, Category Menu, Scoreboard etc.
9. Single Video Clips (PIP) Display. You can run Fullscreen ads just like Logos without sound. It supports all kind of video files. Fully customizable integrated setup.
10. Easy Date/Time Customization. The Date/Time Display Supports lots of Styles from Style Gallery. So set your own date time style from the gallery.


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