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Free Download Google Maps Extractor RETAIL v2.29

Google Maps Extractor RETAIL v2.29

Google Maps Extractor RETAIL v2.29 | 5 Mb:
Google Maps Extractor is a tool that captures contact information such as business names,addresses, phone numbers, websites and emails from contacts using Google Maps database. You can build your own business directory since you can get also the geographical position (latitude &longitude) and the link to the Map.
Our software enables you to create your own list of leads in few seconds. You can search by any category like restaurants, coffee-clubs, and hotels in any location, city, state or even country. You can use zip codes or a radius of miles to get more specific results.

Now you will be able to generate sales leads faster, make more business contacts and be productive like never before. Improve your connection time with prospects and increase your sales conversion ratio.

Extract Data from Google Maps with just one click.
Probably this is the best feature of Google Maps Extractor: how easy you can get results after you add your categories and locations. Just ONE click in the Start button and done. You get THOUSANDS of leads ready to export to Excel.

Extract business and geographical data
You can get all the business data of your leads like Name, Address, Website, Phone, Fax and Email. If you are interested in create your own business directory you can extract also the latitude and longitude where it's located.


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