Jumat, 02 September 2011

GrooveShark Desktop Software Download


Grooveshark Desktop Client:
GrooveShark Desktop Client is the official client for GrooveShark that was designed in order to offer you a simple means of enjoying the full functionality of GrooveShark right from your desktop. You no longer need to open a webpage and clog your Internet browser, just use this GrooveShark Desktop Client to have all the features at your fingertips! GrooveShark Desktop Client is based on Adobe AIR and its is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux user. Download free Grooveshark Desktop Client. GrooveShark Website

GrooveShark Desktop Software Download :
WinGrooves is a GrooveShark desktop application for Windows that lets you run GrooveShark outside of a web browser allowing you to control it with your media keys or customizable global hot keys. You simply need to login with your GrooveShark account in order to enjoy your previously saved playlists, instead of opening GrooveShark in a a web browser. Download Free GrooveShark Desktop version WinGrooves. GrooveShark Desktop WinGrooves Website

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