Minggu, 25 September 2011

Hotmail Delivery Notification

Hotmail Watcher works like MSN messenger Hotmail delivery notification system in Firefox. With Hotmail Watcher you can watch for your new Hotmail inbox and get report to you in status-bar at specific interval. Hotmail Watcher can alert you by sound, by notification window or by blinking icon even you are not on the hotmail website. You will not need to make any further actions, simply login to hotmail.com website once then forget about it. Download Free Hotmail Watcher for Hotmail Delivery Notification Firefox extension. Hotmail Watcher for Hotmail Delivery Notification extension Website

Hotmail Delivery Notification  for Firefox do not deed any username and password input. This Hotmail Hotmail delivery notification extension use Browser cookie to get information. So, security level is the same as Hotmail website security. Hotmail Watcher extension work only after you log on at the Hotmail website. As long as you stay log on, this extension still work.

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