Minggu, 18 September 2011

Make HDR Photos With Fusion HDR Software

Make HDR Photos With Fusion HDR Software

Make HDR (high dynamic range) photos with Fusion HDR software. Fusion is a small, easy-to-use free HDR photo processing software that allows merging several images of the same scene in one. Fusion HDR Software is specially designed to help you create an image with high dynamic range of brightness (HDR) from photos taken with different exposure. Subsequent tone mapping to low range (LDR) uses nonlinear algorithms and allows preserving maximum details of the original photos. Fusion HDR photo making software released on Sep 17, 2011. Download free HDR photo making software Fusion. Fusion HDR Software File Size 1.4 MB. Fusion HDR Software Website

Fusion – HDR Photo Making Software features:

· Automatic alignment of photos;
· Summation operator (averaging of pixels);
· HDR operator.

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