Rabu, 14 September 2011

Send Website to Windows Phone 7


Send Website to Windows Phone 7 from IE, Chrome, Firefox:
Send to WP7 (Send Website to Windows Phone 7) is a great way to quickly send website links to your Windows Phone 7 from your favorite web browser. The Send to Windows Phone 7 browser add-on  and WP7 app allows you to quickly send links and selected text from within the desktop browser, and receive it to your Windows Phone.

When you send a website link to your Windows Phone from desktop browser, a push notification is sent to the phone, which will show up as a toast, and upon opening the Send to WP7 app, a list of your most recent links and text are available, regardless of whether or not the push notification succeeded. This application will offer you the possibility to email the Title/URL/Text, as well as open the website links.

Send Website to WP7 for Windows Phone 7: Download Send to WP7 with Zune Application for your Windows Phone 7 or search ‘Send to WP7’ in Windows Phone marketplace on your Windows Phone and download it.

Send Website to Windows Phone 7 for Browser: Please read the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari installation instruction from Send to WP7 Website.

Google Chrome:  Download Chrome extension 
Opera:  Download Opera extension

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