Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

Free Download Modem Booster 7 Web Accelerator Software Latest

New Version Modem Booster 7 Free Download

Modem Booster 7 | 10MB:

Modem Booster is a simple Web Accelerator software that can help speed up your Internet surfing speed dramatically. This means you can boost download speed up to 2 times, reduce web page and graphics load time, and do much more fun stuff online like chat, watching movie clips, surfing your social networking sites and downloading MP3s and more!

If you connect to the Internet over a modem and you are not familiar with your PC system and Windows, there is a high chance that your Internet connection is not running at top speed!

By default, Windows was not designed for the average Internet surfer in mind. The result is your Internet speed is slower as certain settings not optimized. You need a simple and easy way to optimize your system for a faster Internet connection.

Tuning your internet settings is as easy as clicking on a button with Modem Booster.

Here are some key features of ("Modem Booster"):

· Boost your Internet speed up to 120% on the average to 300% on the extreme!
· Fully automatic optimization of your Modem for maximum speed with just a few mouse clicks.
· Real results you can see and feel! It analyzes and shows the speed improvement.
· Doubles the download speed of software, videos, MP3s, MPEGs, pictures, web pages, video and audio streaming.
· Get faster responses when gaming, chatting or downloading online


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