Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

SportsCam: Free Video Motion Analysis


SportsCam is a free video motion analysis application that brings cutting edge sports video motion analysis technology to your iPhone. SportsCam supports video recording and exceptional 1-30 FPS slow motion playback that enables detailed investigation of your technique. SportsCam: Video Motion Analysis released on Mar 17 2011. Download Free SportsCam: Video Motion Analysis Free (for a limited time). SportsCam: Video Motion Analysis File Size 11.8MB. SportsCam: Video Motion Analysis Website

As a professional athlete or an amateur looking to improve your game, you can utilize SportsCam to video record and analyze your biomechanics. As a coach, you can provide expert coaching feedback to your athletes that will enable them to win. SportsCam Video Motion Analysis, you don’t need any expensive motion analysis software that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. SportsCam brings similar functionality to your iPhone/iPod for a fraction of the cost.

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