Kamis, 24 November 2011

BeatPad Free for iPad iPhone

BeatPad Free for iPad iPhone:

BeatPad is now available on the iTunes App Store Free for limited time! BeatPad is a app for iPad and iPhone that gives you the  best way to get track ideas recorded on the go with pro drums and instrument samples. BeatPad released on Aug 25 2010. Download Free BeatPad for iPad, iPhone, iPoh Touch. BeatPad File Size 196MB. BeatPad Website

Make some beats with BeatPad for iPad iPhone:

1.) Download BeatPad
2.) Record a Drum track
3.) Record music over your drums
- (Now Up To 8 Tracks Per Song)
- Record Multiple Sections for Hooks, Verses & Bridges
4.) EMAIL YOUR BEATS + UPLOAD to YouTube & FaceBook + Show Off!
5.) Create New Song and repeat steps 2-5
6.) Email Your Projects to friends and Collaborate!

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