Kamis, 03 November 2011

Diigo = Delicious + Evernote

Diigo = Delicious + Evernote (Research, Share, Collaborate)

Diigo is a cloud based web information research, share, and collaborating system that gives you  ubiquities website Bookmarking and Read It Later service like Delicious and Note-Taking service like Evernote. Diigo provides you with tools on all major web browsers, Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to help you to collect access the variety of information. All the items you collect from anywhere go my library on the cloud Diigo server, so you can access from anywhere and collaborate with other Diigo user. Diigo offers great tools while reading online and also makes it available to read it offline. Diigo allows you to add digital highlights an interactive stick notes and save websites as bookmark from your desktop PC or mobile device browser in to your online Diigo account’s My Library. When you are on the go you can access your Diigo library from your mobile platform that Diigo supports.

Get Diigo Bookmarking and Note-Taking extension for Chrome Browser and Diigo add-on for Firefox. Download Diigo for iPhone and Diigo browser for iPad or Download Diigo for Android device.

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