Minggu, 13 November 2011

Free Download Dataline LohnOffice 21.0 2011 ISO German

Latest Dataline LohnOffice 21.0 Free Download

Dataline LohnOffice 21.0 2011 ISO/German | 550 MB:

The recurrent complicated calculations in the personnel offices represent a significant loss of time and money. This package provides power for all the problems and issues of daily personal everyday life, the right solution.

- Payroll deduction:
Complete payroll and payroll with a mouse click!
With the user-friendly and easy-to-learn program DATALINE payroll deduction you can quickly and reliably complete payroll and payroll.
If the master data is once stored, you can create the monthly bills just a few clicks and get to touch the wages and salaries, income tax reporting and certification, statements of contributions, payroll journal, payroll accounts, the fee billing lists, and a financial accounting book list.
Of course, payroll deduction ITSG-certified, so that the social security requirements for electronic delivery.
With payroll deduction of fresh air into your payroll office and the staff work emerges as a gentle breeze.


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