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Free Download PCBoost Software

2012 PCBoost Software Download


PcBoost is really a program which allows you to run programs a lot faster then the original programmer intended. With little to no work you are able to very easily make programs & games run faster on your personal computer without having to buy a brand new PC. Several programs and games usually use a minimal quantity of CPU power which usually leads towards the CPU becoming idle and really not a lot use at all. PcBoost takes advantage of this by allocating a lot more CPU power towards the currently active program/game. All of this really is done automatically without having you to lift a single finger. PcBoost is really a great affordable choice to purchasing a brand new personal computer and can in no way harm or destroy a computer, whilst providing equivalent power that a faster processor would.

Main features:
• Optimizes games and applications by increasing the CPU priority thread from the currently active application
• Automatically de-allocates CPU priority as soon as a brand new active software program is selected
• Works within the background to optimize applications constantly, raises priority levels to reasonable values to maintain program stability and performance
• Visual representation within the Windows program tray which displays the priority optimization for the currently active application
• Built-in and usually updated block list of applications that are not compatible
• Fully customizable interface which allows end-user to alter the appear from the software program and also the Windows program tray icon theme

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : English


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