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Free Eye Decide Medical App


The Eye Decide Medical App Series helps you, the patient, understand your medical condition and the treatments necessary for a healthy recovery. EyeDecide is a physician-based medical application designed to provide easy access to information, discussion, and current scientifically recommended eye treatments. Eye Decide Medical App visualize detailed anatomical illustrations and simulated 3D motion of the eye while exploring various conditions. EyeDecide released on Aug 18 2011. Download Free EyeDecide Medical App for iphone, ipad and iPod Touch. EyeDecide File Size 622MB. EyeDecide Website

The purpose of the Eye Decide Medical app is to educate those unfamiliar with their medical condition. Eye Decide Medical apps aim is to enhance understanding of common conditions, while determining which conditions require medical attention from a trained specialist. With an interactive user interface, Eye Decide Medical App gives you the ability to VIEW, EXPLORE, PINPOINT, LEARN, LOCATE, and SHARE the information they receive.

Eye Decide Medical App Features:

- VIEW the eye in 360 degrees. You have the ability to rotate, expand, shrink, annotate, and move the eye in any direction on the screen! View your eye in CROSS SECTION, EXPAND, or FULL ANATOMY.

- EXPLORE your eye's anatomy layer by layer from the outer skin to bone to eyeball. You have the option to turn annotations on or off, and view more information along the side of your mobile device.

- PINPOINT your medical condition in a range of common eye conditions found through detailed MRI scans. These scans will help you determine which part of your eye is experiencing pain, trauma, or unusual symptoms.

- LEARN about treatment processes through our detailed sections: DESCRIPTIONS, CAUSES, and TREATMENTS. You can choose to read or listen to the information provided.

- LOCATE specialists near you in our easy to understand listings. The app will locate specialists on Maps, allowing you to view contact information and directions to the physician of your choice.

- SHARE your findings with friends and family through the app's email feature or video out capability, which allows any Orca app to be connected to a larger screen or monitor.

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