Selasa, 01 November 2011

Free Pedometer GPS App

Pedometer GPS is your professional pedometer that measures your jogging and walking speed, the number of steps while jogging and calories wastes using a unique technology to increase the effectiveness of your trainings significantly. Pedometer GPS 5k/10k/15k Couch released on Oct 21 2011. Download Free Pedometer - GPS 5k/10k/15k Couch. Pedometer File Size 10.9MB. Pedometer GPS Website

Free Pedometer – GPS Couch

Pedometer applications is able to calculate the jogging speed and distance for a long time. These are really wonderful applications, the benefits of which have been skillfully put into practice in the Pedometer GPS - 5k/10k/15k Couch! Using this Pedometer GPS application during your jogs, you have a possibility of qualitative analysis of any actions! Only the Pedometer GPS - 5k/10k/15k Couch is able to calculate the exact distance and speed of your jogging. Using the new technology of route tracing you can trace the route made by you on the GPS maps of high resolution.

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