Minggu, 27 November 2011

GGCad 2 Cad Design Software

GGCad is designed as an intuitive CAD designing software that allows to draw drafts of parts in 2 dimensions, and then apply machining rules. GCad - Cad Design Software released on Nov 25 2011. Download 15 days free trial GGCad 2 and Download free version of GGCad 2 . GGCad - Cad Design Software File Size 19.4 MB . GGCad Website

GGCad 2 Cad Design Software:
GGCad 2 Cad Design Software

GGCad, Cad design software brings to the user drawing tools the are found in usual CAD system: shapes like points, lines, circles, arcs, ellipses, texts, splines, as well as transformation tools rlike otation, symmetry, scale, moving. GGCad philosophy which differs from classical tools that you can find, makes it as the indispensable CAD software for both new users and experts. You can create your own geometrical shapes and release your imagination!

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