Jumat, 11 November 2011

MPlayer WW Download

MPlayer WW Download

MPlayer WW is a full featured open source media player that was built in order to be a fast, useful and easy-to-use movie and audio player. MPlayer WW supports many video and audio formats and it is easy to handle. MPlayer WW released on Nov 11 2011. Download Free MPlayer WW SVN-r34341. MPlayer WW File Size 8.8 MB . MPlayer WW Website

MPlayer WW features :

· Multithreaded H264, MPEG-2 Decoder (fmpeg-mt).
· Support DirectShow Demuxer and Decoder.
· Fully compatible with CoreAVC Decoder.
· PMP Demuxer for PSP media file.
· Better compatibility with TS, TP, HDTV.
· Skin and Windows Native Theme Support.
· Support Winamp's DSP plugins‚
· Native Playlist and Video Equalizer Window.
· MEditor2 (MPlayer Preference) Graphic Setting Program.
· Direct3D and OpenGL Video Output.
· Auto Play Next file and so on.

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