Kamis, 17 November 2011

Update VLC Media Player Software1.1.11 Free Download 2012

Latest VLC Media Player 2012 Download

VLC Media Player 1.1.11 [20MB]:

VLC Media Player 1.1.11 supports almost all types of videos extensions. VLC Media Player 1.1.10 is the perfect free multimedia player, VLC Media Player 1.1.11 is free and can play all types of videos. VLC Media Player 1.1.11 is a long-time open-source favourite, and the latest version is also the first to be out of beta development. VLC Media Player 1.1.11 is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats as well as DVD, VCD, and various streaming protocols without external codec or program.

Advantages of New VLC Media Player 1.1.11 :

With this program you will be able of playing all types of videos.
It is not hard to use, any one can use it no matter how professional he is.
Great ability of viewing movies.
It is so fast and will not reduce the performance of your PC.

News in VLC Media Player 1.1.11 :

They have fixed the buffer overflows in the RealMedia demuxer.
They fixed the buffer of the AVI.
No more problems with the Full screen Mode on Windows 32.
They improved the support for the cover art embedded in mp4.
No more sudden crashes or freezings.
They updated the codecs.
They improved the languages Slovak, Lithuanian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Serbian.


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