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Windows God Mode

Windows God Mode is a special hidden folder that contains all the Windows 7 configuration applets divided by a logical way in categories, so it is very easy is to find and launch what you are looking for. Windows ‘God Mode’ gives access to virtually every setting of Windows operating system. You can make this Windows ‘God Mode’ folder by yourself.

How to get access in Windows God Mode
1) Right click on desktop to create a new Folder.
2) Name the folder as:
3) You will see God Mode icon on the desktop. Double click it to open window

Or you can you can use one of these following Windows 7 God Mode tools:

Windows God Mode

Windows 7 God Mode Tool is specially designed to be a simple, accessible and handy little application that can be used to enable and disable the God mode in Windows 7 with ease. Now you can enable your system's god mode with the simple press of a button. Download Free Windows 7 God Mode Tool. Windows 7 God Mode Tool File Size 456 KB . Windows 7 God Mode Tool Website

The Windows 7GMode (Windows 7 God Mode)  is a small, one click portable tool to enable or disable the Windows 7 God Mode. You can also choose to create (and remove) a shortcut to God Mode from your desktop. If you didn't create a shortcut, just open the root of drive C:\ and you will see the God Mode Folder. Download Free 7GMode. 7GMode File Size 186 KB. Windows 7GMode Website

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